With a steady increase in legacy aircraft and looming budget cuts, the military customer wants quick and advanced solutions to achieve mission success.

Accelerating Aircraft Availability

Innovation and continuous improvement are the keys to providing customers high-quality, affordable readiness. Vertex developed an augmented reality maintenance training system, known as Vertex Virtual Training Solutions (V2TS), offering a customizable platform to meet program support needs. V2TS propels Vertex into the future of predictive, reliable, and repeatable maintenance.


Customization & Integration

Customization & Integration

V2TS has the ability to produce high-fidelity representations of real-world systems using CAD data, 3D scan data, photographs, and work instructions. Data is leveraged to virtually re-create an entire aircraft, including legacy airframes, within a scalable, object-oriented, development environment. By using innovations in machine learning, V2TS addresses preventable quality escapes, which historically have not been effectively corrected, and harnesses continuous improvement initiatives to ensure sustainable corrective action plans. Because V2TS is accessible via desktop, tablet, and mobile devices, the system provides a level of convenience not seen in most training systems. The elevated levels of customization and integration allow our customers to build, add to, and modify the out-of-the-box trainer functionality to support the total product lifecycle.

Optimized Familiarization Training

Optimized Familiarization Training

V2TS is a technology differentiator, providing a workflow and suite of productivity tools designed to reduce training development time and associated costs. Customized solutions solve the challenge of finding technicians qualified to maintain legacy platforms by providing better familiarization training, resulting in higher confidence and improved first-time quality. Technicians are efficiently trained on all systems and subsystems in various environments without physical limitations. Familiarizing technicians in this manner ensures they are fully equipped to meet customer requirements and exceed expectations when joining the team on the flight line, hangar, and shops. V2TS decreases training time increases knowledge retention, and reduces aircraft damage, collectively increasing aircraft availability rates.

Thought Leadership


Immersive technology is transforming the way the Department of Defense (DoD) implements military training. With the DoD investing an estimated $14 billion per year in synthetic digital training and the Pentagon projected to budget $11 billion towards virtual, augmented, and mixed-reality training systems by 2022, defense contractors must prioritize innovative training solutions.

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