AMMO® Thought Leadership

Across all industries, companies are investing more in innovative technology solutions to provide customers near real-time critical management information. In the aerospace defense industry, force readiness levels are the top priority. With heightened operations and a steady increase in legacy aircraft, the military customer wants quick answers and quick solutions. Now more than ever, the defense industry must realize the importance and value of offering customers readily available, accurate data.

Aftermarket aerospace company Vertex Aerospace, headquartered in Madison, Mississippi, has developed an in-house solution engineered specifically to the requirements of U.S. Government aircraft maintenance and contractor logistics support programs. The solution, known as Aircraft Maintenance and Management Optimization, or AMMO®, offers customers affordable and flexible digital customization. Chris Dorsey, Vertex’s Vice President and Chief Information Officer said, “Solutions like AMMO® redefine how flight operations, maintenance, supply chain, and technical data is collected, documented, and reported.” Dorsey also notes that this type of digital environment is significantly transforming the data management and utilization capability of support and supply programs. “Customization” typically implies a higher investment, but Vertex’s fully owned and operated platform offers customers significant cost savings.

Proven Solutions & Continuous Improvement Driving Future Innovation

It is equally imperative to have the right resources in place to effectively analyze data, report trends, and leverage findings. Because the company is vertically integrated, Vertex offers a one-stop-shop solution by providing aircraft maintenance, fabrication, and proven supply management.

Dorsey believes the key to innovation is to continue looking forward. “Shoot where the target is headed, not where it is. Innovation lifecycles and continuous improvement should be viewed from a timeline perspective, but more importantly, should be built on the business,” said Dorsey. “This will ensure the software continues to advance business objectives allowing for more operational efficiencies.”

Chris Dorsey Bio

Chris Dorsey, Vertex Aerospace Vice President and Chief Information Officer, is responsible for the successful development and implementation of the Company’s IT strategy in alignment with the Company’s business goals and objectives. Dorsey has over 20 years of IT experience ranging from help desk support to virtualization technology. Prior to joining the Vertex team, he worked for the Northrop Grumman Corporation where he held multiple leadership positions, including director of virtualization; infrastructure services director; engineering and manufacturing director; client, mobility, & print services senior director; and service delivery senior director.

Dorsey also worked at Dell Technologies and Celera Genomics, where he assisted with the supercomputing platform to help map the human genome. In addition to his technical experience, Dorsey spent 10 years in the U.S. Navy where he served as a plane captain on the F-14 Tomcat and as an aviation electrician, aviation warfare systems operator, and rescue swimmer on the H-60 Blackhawk. Dorsey holds many technical certifications, including VMware VCP, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, and Citrix Certified Engineer.