Vertex Donates Supplies to Local School

MADISON, Miss. (Aug. 27, 2021) Vertex Aerospace delivers school supplies to Jimmie M. Goodloe Elementary School in Canton, Mississippi to help meet the needs of our school children in the community.

Each year, Vertex organizes an annual Back-to-School Drive with its employees. This year, Jimmie M. Goodloe Elementary of Canton, Ms. was selected as the recipient for the collected items.  Always striving to make a meaningful impact in the community, Vertex seeks opportunities that support the youth of our communities, and the families and teachers who back them.

“We are so appreciative of our community outreach partners coming together and donating items that can help our entire school, from teachers to students,” said Dr. Monique Lastique, principal of Jimmie M. Goodloe Elementary. “Vertex Aerospace did an amazing job providing us with an abundance of supplies that we will be able to use throughout the school year.”

Katherine Lewis, Vertex Diversity and Inclusion manager, said, “At Vertex, August is designated as our ‘Giving Back to our Community’ month. We are pleased to provide the students and teachers of Jimmie Goodloe Elementary with supplies needed for the new year.  Donations such as these allow the students and teachers to focus on their studies and not their needs.  It also allows Vertex to not only be in the community, but to be a part of the community.”

Vertex strives to make a meaningful impact in the local community by participating in fundraising events, partnering with local schools, and giving back to a community that continues to offer lasting support.

About Vertex Aerospace

Vertex Aerospace offers a global capability and complete solution for government and commercial customers. The mid-level aerospace company operates in over 100 locations worldwide providing aftermarket aerospace services for more than 2,400 fixed and rotary wing airframes. Vertex’s agility, rapid deployment capability, and customer optimization have distinguished it from competitors for over half a century. Vertex has over 3,500 employees, with nearly 60 percent of the workforce being Armed Forces veterans, the Mississippi-based company understands the challenges faced by the defense sector. Information about Vertex can be found at