Vertex Delivers: Company Values That Go Beyond Corporate Mission

MADISON, Miss. (Nov. 5, 2021) Headquartered in Madison County, MS, Vertex Aerospace looks for ways to collaborate with community partners to affect conditions and outcomes that matter to local residents.

Vertex Diversity and Inclusion Manager, Katherine Lewis said, “We conduct an assessment of the community to determine the immediate needs, and partner with local 501 (c) 3 non-profit organizations in the area that we believe will make the greatest impact.”

According to the annual U.S. News & World Report, Mississippi ranks number one as the nation’s most poverty-stricken state.  Nearly 20 percent of MS residents live in poverty. Over 2,800 families are living below the federally man

dated poverty level in Madison country alone.

This year, Vertex partnered with the Madison County Allied Against Poverty organization for their annual food drive. Located in Canton, MS, MadCAAP on average distributes over 2.5 tons of food each week to families within the Madison County area.

Executive Director of MadCAAP, Karen Robison, explains, “If it were not for community-minded businesses like Vertex, our food pantry would not exist.  Each week, we provide approximately 120 families with food that will sustain them for four or five days until they receive their next paycheck.  The 1,500 items donated by Vertex, which is approximately 1,500 pounds of food, will go a long way in helping to feed families in Madison.”  Along with the 1,500 collected food items, Vertex also donated two moving carts to assist the pantry in moving large quantities of food.

Vertex Aerospace believes community involvement has the power to bring positive, measurable change and takes every opportunity to get involved.  Becoming a community partner offers unique and important insights into the challenges facing local communities.  It also offers organizations the opportunity to create lasting progress and improved living standards for residents in their area.

About Vertex Aerospace

Vertex Aerospace offers a global capability and complete solution for government and commercial customers. The mid-level aerospace company operates in over 100 locations worldwide providing aftermarket aerospace services for more than 2,400 fixed and rotary wing airframes. Vertex’s agility, rapid deployment capability, and customer optimization have distinguished it from competitors for over half a century. Vertex has over 3,500 employees, with nearly 60 percent of the workforce being Armed Forces veterans, the Mississippi-based company understands the challenges faced by the defense sector. Information about Vertex can be found at

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