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“I am pleased to welcome you to our Vertex Team. This acquisition marks the beginning of a new and significant chapter in our company. It not only adds scale and diversity to the Vertex portfolio, but also expands the company’s service and product offerings with defense and government agencies, and commercial customers, both domestic and international. These new offerings enhance and accelerate our strategy to deliver a more integrated and comprehensive suite of solutions to our customers globally. Our company’s culture and proven performance are built on the legacy of Raytheon’s prior ownership of Vertex. I am certain that our combined competencies will create the most capable and accomplished team in the industry. We are committed to making the transition as seamless as possible for you and will use this page to keep you informed.”

Ed Boyington
President & CEO



At Vertex, we operate with Professionalism, Integrity, and Respect in everything we do.

Our values provide the foundation for our commitment to the highest level of ethical conduct which is a commitment we take very seriously.



We are professional at all times because we represent Vertex at all times. Conducting ourselves in a professional, respectful manner and taking responsibility for our actions while treating everyone the way we want to be treated is the standard for all communication.



We demonstrate integrity by being truthful and honest ensuring we do the right thing at all times, even when (especially when) no one is watching. By applying our values and principles to our daily business activities, our actions always reflect the highest level of ethical conduct. We each take responsibility for knowing the laws and regulations governing Vertex and meeting the company’s ethical standards.



We are mindful and respectful of each other’s boundaries, differences, and values as people. Whether our communication is with customers, suppliers, outside parties, or one another, we treat everyone with dignity, fairness, and courtesy. Vertex supports an inclusive culture where diversity in people and perspective is valued. We cooperate across organizational boundaries, focusing on adding value and earning the trust of our teammates.


Vertex’s divisions are supported by five FAA Part 145 Certified Repair Stations and are strategically aligned to offer both products and services allowing for vertical integration and team collaboration. By combining innovative systems, continuous improvement, lean business practices, and passionate leadership, we offer affordable, customer-focused solutions.

Aerospace & Defense Services

Vertex’s ADS division provides turnkey lifecycle support including all levels of aviation maintenance, worldwide contractor logistics support, assembly services, systems integration engineering, and integrated supply-chain solutions.

Technology & Training Solutions

Vertex’s TTS division is a leader in critical mission support and training solutions. Capabilities include customized engineering solutions, specialized onsite mission execution, and high consequence training programs for military and commercial customers.

Vertex Aerospace Logistics

The Vertex Supply Chain competency allows for rapid and cost-effective logistics management. We leverage our network of over 900 OEM-approved FAA-certified parts suppliers to consistently meet unscheduled maintenance challenges.


All-In is a total commitment...

When it comes to our Vertex culture, All-In is a total commitment to our mission and the team while embracing diversity of thought and leveraging our differences for the betterment of ourselves and the organization.

Ed Boyington

Vertex President & CEO

All-In means living the company’s mission statement

All-In means living the company’s mission statement on a daily basis in everything that I do. We have the privilege to work in an industry where our efforts have a lasting impact on our nation’s security. Our differences are like the quilt my grandmother made for me when I was a young child. The patchwork of many different pieces of cloth carefully sewn together into an All-In single fabric was vibrant, alive, strong and enduring. My goal is to help support a culture that sews together the same sort of fabric and character for our company.

Bill Beard

Vertex EVP Operations & Strategy

All-In is simply the willingness and passion to make personal sacrifices

All-In is simply the willingness and passion to make personal sacrifices for the wellbeing and collective good of Team Vertex. Each and every day ADS harnesses the tremendous power of its diverse workforce of over 2400 employees who are all committed to the philosophy of being “all in” to proudly achieve our mission of providing world class aerospace defense services which are second to none. The base of our strength clearly comes from the diversity of our people and we focus that strength by being inclusive, which separates us from our competitors. One Team One Fight! Go Vertex!

Richard 'Vinny' Caputo

President Aerospace & Defense Services

All-In is our culture cornerstone

All-In is our culture cornerstone of commitment to service that is made stronger when we respect the diversity of our people by being inclusive of their contributions in making Vertex “A Great Place to Work”.

Rick Mendoza

Vertex EVP Chief People Officer

All-In is leaving no stone unturned to ensure the success of Vertex and our customers.

All-In is leaving no stone unturned to ensure the success of Vertex and our customers. Our employees and suppliers are a very important part to the overall success of the company. We value our suppliers as teammates, not just a vendor, which allows us to achieve success as a united front in order to support the men and women in uniform. Ensuring you are partnering with a world-class team, my goal is to cultivate a team of one, founded on diversity and inclusion.

Kelly Miller

Vertex EVP Vertex Aerospace Logistics

All-In is a commitment of the will.

All-In is a commitment of the will. A commitment that I will sacrifice for my teammates and give all that I have toward Team Vertex’s success and mission. A commitment that winning in business is the passion, and Team Vertex is bigger than me. Team Vertex wins most when we capitalize on the diverse backgrounds of our people – our most important asset.

Bob Sill

Vertex EVP Chief Financial Officer



Similar to the propeller on an aircraft, Vertex operates its business ensuring it is accurately weighed and strategically aligned to stay balanced for a safe guided mission. In order to support our warfighters so they can focus on mission success, we must take care of our 6,000+ people. We are committed to providing a culture of wellbeing covering all aspects of an employee’s life.


  • Marine Corps
  • Air Force
  • Army
  • Navy
  • Kuwait Air Force
  • Coulson Aviation
  • Leonardo
  • Leidos
  • BAE Systems
  • Lockheed Martin